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Season One Episode Five: Giving Back

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At Stockton Prison, Chuck an in-mate is getting a beating from two Asian men that are part of the Triad gang. Big Otto, a SAMCRO member, steps in and stops the fight. Some other men drag the Triads away, but not without a retort that Lin will eventually get Chuck and SAMCRO can’t protect him forever. Chuck tells Otto that he is nervous because he’s getting out tomorrow. Otto says he has it all worked out. Chuck thanks him for being a good friend, and then proceeds to stick his hand down his pants. Otto parts by saying he’s not that good a friend.

At Opie’s house, Jax and Opie get the crib out of the shed for Abel. Jax wants to pay for it, but Opie says it’s a gift. Jax still hands over the money to Donna saying he’s getting a great deal. Before leaving, Jax says he’ll see him at the Taste of Charming fundraiser. Donna expresses concern over Opie going to a SAMCRO event. Opie says he’s just doing the fireworks. Jax tells her Gemma started the organization to raise money for the school. After Jax leaves, Opie tells Donna they can bring the kids for a day of fun. Donna agrees to go.

At the fundraiser grounds, Gemma and Luann are setting things up when they are approached by April Hobart. They thank her for coming to help, but April has a concern. Her son, Charlie, is playing in a band during the fireworks, and he wants his dad, Kyle, to attend. Gemma says Clay probably won’t want him there. April says that the rift should stay between the adults, and Charlie would be disappointed. Gemma says she’ll mention it to Clay, but can’t promise anything.

Jax and Clay visit Otto in prison and thank Otto for mentioning Chuck to the club. Clay asks who else is waiting to get Chuck. Otto says the Triads are looking for him. Jax says if they pick him up, will Chuck be very grateful. Otto says he’ll be very grateful. Clay asks if they can trust Chuck. Otto says they can. Jax and Clay agree to protect Chuck. As they leave, Otto mentions Chuck has a problem like a nervous tic. Clay says they can handle him.

At the clubhouse, Clay and Gemma talk about the fundraiser. Gemma mentions April Hobart asked her if Kyle could come. Clay says no, and reveals Kyle was kicked out of the club for ratting on Opie. That why Opie went to prison. Gemma says it’s for Kyle’s son, and mentions that April has stuck with the club despite everything. Clay still says no. Gemma walks away saying she was only trying to be charitable and thought Clay could do the same. Clay tells her he’ll put it up to a vote.

In the hospital, Jax reads a story to Abel. He notices Kohn standing outside the window, but doesn’t know who he is. Jax walks outside and chats with him. Kohn comments that Jax’s son is beautiful, but abruptly walks away after making the comment.

At the club meeting, Clay announces that Chuck is wanted by the Triads for messing with the books and skimming money off them; 400,000 dollars worth. Clay says that they need to protect Chuck, and get him out of California. If they do that, they get 25% of the money. Bobby notes it won’t be easy to protect him from Lin, but Clay says they’ll work 3 men shifts, and Chuck never leaves the clubhouse. Jax notes the money is hidden in one of Lin’s restaurants, and on Sunday, they’ll pick it up when the restaurant closes. Before they leave, Clay announces April Hobart’s wish to let Kyle come to the fundraiser. Everyone at first resists, but Clay reminds them she still supports the club despite everything. Opie says that Kyle can come. Clay tells him that this can’t be about revenge at the fundraiser. Opie says he won’t retaliate because he knows Kyle lost everything after ratting on Opie. Everyone agrees to let him come. Clay asks Jax to keep Kyle and Opie separated tomorrow.

When Chuck is released, a white van pulls up with an Asian man in it. Chuck gets nervous, and tries to go back inside, but the door is locked. The Asian man is a dry-cleaner. After that, SAMCRO arrives to pick him up in a black van. Chuck gets in the van, and thanks everyone for picking him up. He shakes hands with Clay and Jaxs then proceeds to stick his hand down his pants again leaving the other two looking at him sideways.

Arriving at the fundraiser,Jaxs, bobby and tig see Kyle arrive with his children, bringing his new girlfriend as well. April isn’t please, but Kyle says she wanted to hear him play. April comments that coming here was a bad idea. Meanwhile, Bobby rushes over in his Elvis outfit and goes to perform for the children.

Opie, Donna, and their two children arrive at the fundraiser. Donna sees Kyle, and asks if he’s with SAMCRO. Opie says he’s not anymore. Opie tells her to take the kids, and he’ll catch up. Opie catches up with Jax. Jax asks if Donna knows about Kyle, but Opie says no. Opie sees Kyle with his girlfriend, and notes that he looks alright. Jax tells him to go see his family.

Jax approaches Kyle with an angry stare. Kyle tells him to lay off, and says he knows his boundaries. Jax tells him to stay away from everyone. Kyle tells Jax that he has something for the club. He says he’s been making money funneling stolen parts at his job. Jax throws him against a wall, angry that he could think about trying to buy back his membership. Kyle says he really thinks it could help the club. Gemma notices the confrontation from afar. Jax tells Kyle to get out of here and to leave as soon as its over.

Back at the clubhouse, Piney, Half-Sack, and Clay watch Chuck. Clay asks if Chuck really has $400,000 stashed away. Chuck notes its $416,000 actually, and proceeds yet again to stick his hand down his pants. Chuck says that Lin was sloppy with money from counterfeiting and prostitution. Chuck cooked his books so that he would get fired and take the money, but Lin didn’t notice. He said Lin’s lawyer finally caught on, but he cut a deal in prison to get away from Lin. Clay notes he’s a thief and a rat. Chucks says he accepts that. Clay asks why he’s putting his hand down his pants. Chucks says he has CMD-Compulsive Masturbation Disorder, and he doesn’t have his medicine for it. Chucks says he was sexually abused as a child. Clay tells him he doesn’t care, and says if he sees it again, he’s tying him up and throwing him in the closet.

At the hospital, Tara sees Kohn sitting in the lobby. Kohn asks if they can talk. Tara lets him into a room. Kohn says that he just wanted to let her know he’s here on ATF business only. Tara asks what business. He says it’s an inter-state weapons business involved with SAMCRO. Tara asks if the rose petals in her car and photo she was sent were business too. Kohn says he just knew she likes pink roses. Kohn says he doesn’t want Jax to hurt her. Tara tells him the restraining order is still effective and tells him to stay away. Kohn says federal jurisdiction takes precedence over the restraining order, but he promises to stay away.

At the fundraiser, Bobby continues to dress the kids up like Elvis while Kyle and his daughter do the egg toss. Opie asks his daughter, Ellie, if she wants to do the egg toss. She says she’s not good at catching. Opie says he isn’t either so they should at least try. She still doesn’t want to. Opie says he has to get the fireworks ready.

Gemma asks Jax what Kyle and he were doing. Jax says nothing, he doesn’t matter. Gemma says Opie still cares about the situation with Kyle. Jax goes over to see if Opie’s okay. Opie comments that he wanted to see Kyle miserable without SAMCRO. Opie comments that the club means a lot to him, and he wants to be there more often. But the other things in his life are getting in the way. Jax says he has no solution. He says that he’s so used to things going in separate ways that he wouldn’t know what to do if they were hooked up. Opie asks if he thinks Kyle is happy. Jax says he doesn’t know. They see Kyle get egg splattered on him, and his girlfriend takes his sweatshirt off. When he does, it reveals part of the Sons of Anarchy tattoo. Opie is angry that Kyle still has it.

Opie follows Kyle into the gymnasium. When his son leaves, they face off. Kyle says he’s been avoiding everyone. Opie comments they need to settle some things. Kyle knows he should have gone to Chino to visit Opie and explain what happened, but Opie doesn’t want to hear it and starts to beat him up.

Outside, Jax and Donna participate in the water gun fight. Donna thanks him for the crib money saying every little bit helps them. Jax knows things are rough. Jax tries to tell Donna about how much the club means to Opie, but Donna said Gemma already gave her that speech. She tells him things between Opie and her are none of his business. Jax says she’s wrong. He tells her he cares about Opie, and is worried about him. He tells her being half in and half out will get Opie killed. Donna says she wants him out. She notes that Kyle got out. Jax says that Kyle was kicked out because when Opie was arrested for blowing up a truck yard, Kyle was supposed to be the getaway driver. But when the police were coming, he left Opie behind. Donna asks why Opie wouldn’t say anything. Jax tells her Opie’s not a rat. He says brothers don’t turn on each other. He notes Opie will never walk away from the club because it’s all he knows. He says the club isn’t the glue; Donna is.

In the gym, Jax finds Opie and Kyle done with their brawl and cleaning up. Opie appears civil and notes Kyle’s doing well for himself. Kyle says he misses the life. He says everyone knew who he was, and he got respect. But because he doesn’t have the club anymore, he’s nobody. Jax asks about some more information about his stolen parts scheme. Kyle would like to split profits, and find a way to give back to the club for all the wrong he’s done. Opie says they’ll run it by Clay. Jax says a lot is happening so they’ll run it by Clay while Kyle’s still in town. Kyle agrees. Opie asks about his son’s band night. Kyle says he’ll listen to them another night.

Back at the shop, Clay gets a woman’s paperwork ready. When he leaves, Chuck comes in asking for Clay. She tells him he’s not here. Chuck proceeds to stick his hand down his pants, scaring the woman off. Clay scolds him then notices a car with two Triads in it driving by. Clay is pissed off. He tells Chuck they’re going to get the money now. Chuck tells him that the restaurant is open, and everyone is there. Clay says he’s not putting up with Chucks CMD for two more days. Clay acknowledges the Triad car he saw, and tells Piney to call the guys for back-up.

At the fundraiser, Bobby and Tig acknowledge that they have to go. Gemma’s really disappointed. Unser approaches her, commenting that it’s not easy being boss. Gemma acknowledges that all that fried food will kill him. Unser comments it can’t hurt with the cancer he has. When Tara arrives at the picnic, she notices Kohn serving food. Gemma watches her spot Kohn, and Tara quickly leaves. Gemma asks Unser who Kohn is. Unser says he’s ATF. Gemma wonders what he’s doing here. Meanwhile, Jax, Bobby, and Tig get ready to leave. They notice Opie and Kyle together and ask if leaving them is a good idea. Jax says it’s fine. They pass by Kohn, and Tig asks who the guy is. Before he can respond, Gemma stops them and tells them to tell Clay she’s pissed at him. Jax asks who Kohn is. Gemma tells him he’s ATF. Jax tells them he saw Kohn at the hospital last night. Jax tells her to keep an eye on him and call him if he leaves.

In the van, the group goes to the restaurant to get the money. They tape Chuck’s hands so he can’t use them. When they go in, Chuck is immediately spotted by a lady in the restaurant. She tells them to leave, but they push past her. They go into the kitchen, and Chuck tells him it’s in the ceiling where they plastered it. Jax breaks it open, and gets the money down. The woman continues to harass them, but Clay hands her some money to shut her up. When they go outside, the Triads are waiting for them. They get in the van to drive away, but they are blocked in. Shots ring out, and Jax tries to blow past them. The engine is shot, and the Triads surround them. They tell him they want the money. Then, Clay notices the money is actually counterfeit. Clay tells the Triads he wants to talk to Lin. Lin comes out, and Clay tells him the money is counterfeit. He says he wants to make a deal. If Lin gives them real money, they’ll give them the counterfeit bills and Chuck. While they negotiate, Jax asks Chuck if there was any real skimmed money. Chuck says no, and he figured the group could still use the money. Clay negotiates $60,000 and he gives the Triads Chuck. Chuck begs Clay not to do this, but the deal is made. Chuck is taken away by the Triads.

Back at the clubhouse, Clay tells the group what happened. Kyle says hi to Clay, but Clay brushes him off. He asks Kyle what the deal is. Opie notes he’s going to get the fireworks started. Jax follows him, and asks Opie if he’s okay with them talking to Kyle. Opie says yes. Opie tells Jax that just because things were said earlier about how rough his life is doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be in the club. Jax says he knows.

Outside, April asks Gemma where Kyle is. Gemma says she doesn’t know, but spots Opie and says she’ll ask him. Back inside, the gang takes shots and joke about things. Bobby tells Kyle he got a new bike, and wants to how him the new bike. When they go to the garage, Kyle notices there’s no new bike. The gang confronts him, and tell Kyle to take his shirt off. He still has the Sons of Anarchy tattoo on his back. Kyle tells Clay he meant to black it out, but couldn’t do it. Clay asks if he wants fire or knife. Kyle tries to plead, but they don’t respond. He says fire. The group chains him up and Tig lights a blowtorch. Outside, Gemma approaches April and tells her to go to the hospital, and Gemma will take her kids home. She apologizes. Inside the garage, the group proceeds to burn the tattoo off Kyle’s back. He loses consciousness during it. Outside, Opie sets off the fireworks.

After the group finishes, they drop Kyle off at the hospital, and April runs down to see what happened. While Half-Sack cleans up the mess, Jax sits on the roof to read more of his father’s book. He stares out at the clubhouse, wondering what will happen next.


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Charlie Hunnam Pics 2010

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Season One Episode Four: Patchover Overview

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Agent Kohn and Deputy Hale have a conversation about SAMCRO. Hale reveals that they’ve been in the town since he was little, and apart from a few minor scrapes with the law, they’ve been clean. Kohn says that most of the people in town keep quiet about them. Hale says that the town believes that SAMCRO helps keep the corporate businessmen out of town so that’s why the locals keep quiet. Kohn agrees with him saying that he has been hanging out for a star bucks since he arrived . Hale acknowledges he knows that SAMCRO also has links to the police department meaning inside the department pointing not so subtly towards Unser.

Unser confronts Hale about Kohn coming into the town. Unser is very frustrated at not having been informed about this, and asks what he’s doing in town. Hale says that he’s collecting intel on the Sons of Anarchy, and didn’t go into too much detail. Unser warns him not to associate himself with Kohn, and to stick with Charming business. He also reminds him that he is still the chief, and that anything Kohn does has to go through him first.

At the roundtable, Clay acknowledges that Kohn might not be here for them because they’ve kept a clean record for many years. Jax argues that it had to have been Hale that brought him here because Unser closed the previous case pissing Hale off. They bring up that they have to find a short term place to store their guns, but there is no place for them to do so. Jax acknowledges they got a call from Uncle Jury last week. He says that the Mayans have been bullying them into paying a vig for running their porn business, the Devil’s Tribe, is in Mayan territory. Jax says they could offer them full protection if they will store their AK’s for a little while. The group thinks it’s risky because the Mayans are going to be scoping the place out because of the previous raid, and the Devil’s Tribe is a SAMCRO brotherhood group. Jax says he’ll go in under the radar with Bobby, and the rest will come up later with the guns in the same fashion. Clay asks if Jury will really help them, and Jax says that he should because his father saved his life during Vietnam. The plan is set.

Tara walks out to her car, and notices a bunch of flower petals on her car windshield. Recognizing it was something that Kohn used to do; she goes into the closet and grabs her gun. She then drives over to the clubhouse; which Kohn is scoping out. She says she needs help with her car. Tara asks Jax if he can give her a lift home, but Jax says he’s leaving for a few days. Tara asks Jax about Abel, and Jax asks if everything is ok and Tara replies he’s doing great but if anything comes up, who should she contact? He says his mom who is just driving into the lot. Jax asks her if she will take Tara home since he’s going to see Uncle Jury. Tara at first refuses, but Gemma insists she’ll love to give the good doctor a ride. He gives both Gemma and Tara a kiss and drives off.

Gemma walks over to the shop, and walks right past Half-Sack.She leans into the car and Half-Sack comments that Gemma is a MILF chubby; not knowing he said the comment within earshot of Clay. Clay pretends he didn’t hear and tells Tig to steal one of Unser’s trucks so they can use it for the delivery. Tig punches Half-Sack for the comment. Half-Sack tries to defend what he said only making things worse.

On the road to Nevada, Jax and Bobby pass by a group of Mayans on the road. One of them pulls a gun, but Jax avoids him. The Mayans turn their bikes around to give chase. They slam on the brakes and the Mayans go right past them. Jax and Bobby fire several shots which scare the Mayans and they take off.

Back at Teller/Morrow Tara gets ready to get in the car with Gemma, but Half-Sack stops her to sign some papers. When she gets out, Gemma notices the gun that’s in her purse. Gemma drives her home making small talk. Gemma asks her why she’s carrying the gun. Tara tells her that she carried it in Chicago because it was an unsafe neighborhood and sometimes forgets it’s in there. Gemma knows she is lying. She asks if she knows how to use it. Tara says she does, and she leaves Gemma to go into her house.

While stopping at a gas station, Jax phones Clay to tell him about being spotted by the Mayans. Clay comments that they need to have a heavy presence up there now if they want to get the guns up there. Jax says that he’ll make some calls, but Clay says it won’t help cause it’ll take months to get the warehouse up and running. Jax realizes he’s talking about patching over the Devil’s Tribe into the Sons of Anarchy. Jax doesn’t think he’ll take kindly to giving up his own group, but Clay says that it’s only a matter of time before the Mayans push them out. He tells Jax to bring it up otherwise he will when he gets there. Clay tells Tig, Juice and Half-sack they’re riding up to Nevada to patch the Devil’s Tribe. Realizing they’re short in numbers, Clay has Juice call up the Nomads and invite them along. He then tells Tig that he needs him to take a truck from Unsers and that Unser wants nothing to do with it so make it look like a robbery.  This means that Tig will miss out on the Patchover party and he begs him to come along, but Clay reminds him that the last time he had free range on women was with the two Mexicans that were burnt in the old weapons storage facility, and his DNA almost brought the club down. In the background Half-Sack is chuckling and Tig begs Clay to let the prospect do it, but Clay still pissed off at Half-Sack replies “What prospect”. Clay says he’s stuck with the job.

Back at the gas station, Jax finds a guy sitting on his motorcycle with his girlfriend taking a photo. Jax comes upon the scene and offers to take the picture himself since the girl’s having trouble with the camera. Jax comments that the man looks like the kind of guy that knows how to get his way, and notices the cut on the girl’s lip. Jax takes the picture of him Before, then punches the guy, warning him that he should never sit on another man’s bike.  Then Bobby takes the after picture saying that he should have more respect for the fairer Sex.  Jax asks the girl if she’s going anywhere. She says no place special, and Jax invites her on the ride to Jury’s. She introduces herself as Susie. As they drive away, it is revealed that Kohn is following them, and photographs them as they leave.

Jax, Bobby, and Susie arrive at the Devil’s Tribe clubhouse where they are greeted by Uncle Jury. When they walk in, they are shown around the place. Bobby notices a girl that looks really nice, he says that he can be in love with that perfect darkness and Jury calls her over to them he says this is Daytona and bobby replies as in daytona 500 but Jury says as in $1,200 a night but he offers her to bobby on the house and they leave to have some fun. Jury asks about Susie, and Jax says he just picked her up at the border. Jury summons Cherry, and tells her to show Susie around the place. Jax and Jury talk about business. Jury says he’s in a vine because the Mayans are ruining the business and he can’t get into business with them because he feels dedicated to SAMCRO. Jury asks what they can do. Jax tells him about the weapons, and asks if they can store them here for a little while. Jury says he’ll help out with the guns. Jury tells him to tell Clay he needs help, but Jax reveals that Clay is coming up to talk about the future of the Devil’s Tribe. Jury knows he means a patch over. Jax tells him that they need to or the Mayans will steamroll them. Jury says he doesn’t know how the rest of the group will take it, but Jax says that they’ll do just fine in SAMCRO.

At the other side of the bar, Cherry educates Susie on working for Jury. Jax passes by and gives her a kiss. Cherry asks how long she’s been with Jax, but Susie says he’s only giving her a ride. Cherry says she should pay close attention to what she does. Susie asks who she’s in a relationship with. Cherry says she isn’t yet, but that one day she’ll find the right guy. She reveals she’s been doing this job for three years.

Jax and Bobby talk about Jury outside. Jax says that Jury didn’t take too kindly to the patch over, and that it doesn’t feel right to do this. Jax feels that Clay’s making a mistake. Bobby asks Jax if he’s alright. He acknowledges about the birth of Abel, Wendy’s addiction. Bobby asks if some voice in his head is bothering him. He says that Jax has been second-guessing Clay since Abel was born, and people are noticing it. Bobby tells him he needs to get that sorted out with Clay.

Clay arrives in Nevada for the patch over ceremony. He acknowledges the close connections the two clubs have through Vietnam and other SAMCRO chapters, and says it’s time for them to become brothers. Clay knows that some people are afraid of becoming members of the club, but he tells them that he hopes they all decide to join. SAMCRO leaves the room so that the Devil’s Tribe can discuss their decision.

Meanwhile, Tig and Juice steal the truck from Unser Trucking.  Tig says the keys should be in the door.  Juice feeds the dog a steak to distract it. Tig is still sore about being left behind he is going on and on about how great the patchover party will be and how much he is missing out on. They break into the fence, but the dog comes after them foaming at the mouth. It bites Tig on the rear end, but they are able to lock themselves in the truck. Tig asks if Juice drugged the meat. Juice said he gave the meat two grams.  Tig says Two grams of what? Juice replies Crank, and Tig flies off the handle calling Juice “retarded” . Juice asks if he should shoot it, but Tig just tells him to drive.

Back at the house, Gemma searches through an old cookie tin to find some of her old guns in. While she cleans them, she calls Luanne. She asks if she can get a hold of the federal marshal contact to get some information on Tara.

In Nevada, Jax and Clay talk about the patch over. They think that half of the members will patch over, but the others won’t. Jax says that they can’t abandon the group, and that they need to leave them with some help. Clay says that this is to help strengthen the group if they leave them to deal with their own problems. Jax says he wants to help Jury, but Clay says he’s not concerned about Jury. When they look over, several of the Devil’s Tribe bikers get on their bikes and drive away angrily from the clubhouse. When they drive away, Kohn spots them through his binoculars. SAMCRO goes inside to find Jury and other Devil’s Tribe members still inside that are willing to patch over into SAMCRO. Clay sprays SOA on the wall, and the group all has a patch over party. Susie asks what a patch over is, and Cherry nervously replies it means that things are going to change.

At the party, Cherry and Half-Sack get friendly. She acknowledges that she knows several people that have died over in Iraq. Half-Sack says he feels guilty about leaving Iraq, but Cherry says he’s a hero. Cherry asks if he can still have kids, and Half-Sack says that he should be able to. While talking to Jury, Clay notices the two getting friendly.

Tig and Juice finish up the stealing of the truck, and Juice apologizes for not knowing what would happen. He says he doesn’t want to be here either, but that they should at least have a decent conversation. Tig makes a joke of it and unzips his pants. Juice tells him to knock it off, and they finish the job.

At the patch over party, Susie approaches Jax with some lessons from Cherry. She takes Jax into the bedroom. Clay asks Jury if Cherry belongs to anyone. Jury tells him that she doesn’t, and Clay makes his move. In revenge for Half-Sack’s comment, Clay cuts in and takes Cherry for himself that night. Passing by, he makes a comment similar to Half-Sack’s comment about Gemma.

Tig and Juice arrive in Nevada to see the remnants of the party. Meanwhile, Jax follows one of his father’s pages in his book to a bridge. Under the bridge is a comment about anarchism and its relationship to the Sons of Anarchy and social order. Back at the clubhouse, Susie wakes up to get coffee from Cherry. Susie acknowledges that she saw that Cherry liked Half-Sack last night, but she slept with Clay. Cherry says that’s just what they do. Susie cant understand it but Cherry explains that it’s like a family where they do what they are told and they get taken care of with no worries.

Back home, Gemma visits Tara to give her car back to her. Gemma notes that yesterday she got off to a bad start with Tara, and this is her way of apologizing. Gemma notices the changes of the house, and Tara’s father. Tara asks Gemma what she’s really doing here. Gemma notes that Tara left Charming for Chicago for her job, but that she’s suddenly back where she started in a place where she’s not as good as she was. Tara notes that Gemma’s spending a lot of time worrying about her life, and asks if she really scares her that much. Gemma says she’s not afraid of her, it’s the people she touches. She says that Jax is in a bad place right now, and warns her to stay away from him. Tara says she can’t dictate the situation, but Gemma retorts by saying that until she’s dead and buried, she’ll protect her son. She then gives Tara a gun with no serial number on it saying that if she’s going to use a gun, it should be safe.

In Nevada, Jax calls Clay to let him know that he’s on his way back and the Mayans are following him. They get the weapons rounded up. Jax knocks the Mayan bikers’ bikes down and rides away with the Mayans in pursuit. The clubhouse is ready, and when Jax drives into the clubhouse safely, the Mayans open fire. A short gunfight takes place, and several people, including Jury, are wounded. The Mayans retreat; all of this taking place within Kohn’s view.

At the clubhouse, Gemma meets Luanne, and asks what she found. Luanne said that the only thing that came up was a restraining order she filed against a man (they don’t know it’s against Kohn). She also asks what kinda neighbourhood did she stay in and Luanne say pretty nice actually to which she acknowledges that Gemma really doesn’t trust the bitch.

Back in Nevada, Jury asks what they’re going to do now. He’s worried that he’ll lose some more guys because of the shootout. Clay says that the Mayans probably won’t attack them now because they know they’re watching them. Jury thanks the group. Clay asks Jax why the Mayans were able to follow him to the clubhouse. Jax says he went for a ride to clear his head and the Mayans spotted him.

Clay then reveals a surprise for Tig for his hard work with three girls for him at his disposal. Jax says he’s heading home to see Abel. Clay sits down with Bobby and asks if everything’s okay with Jax. Bobby says it’s hard to tell. Clay asks if he has anything to worry about, but Bobby says not yet. Outside, Jax watches a scared Susie take off with her boyfriend. Happy says  “I thought that bitch was with you and Jaxs just shrugs it off like “nah” then they leave.

Jax arrives home and goes to the hospital. Jax spots Tara who just recieved an envelope from a nurse, and she tells him that Gemma is in the room with Abel. He replies of course she is.  Tara asks how his trip was and he replies “Uneventful”.  Jax visits Abel, and his mother and Tara walks by the window she opens the envelope and sees a picture of Jax in bed with Susie at the Nevada clubhouse. Tara and Jax share a stare, but Tara breaks away from it and walks away with a hurt look on her face.

Season One Episode Three: Fun Town Overview

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Episode Three : FunTown


SAMCRO are at the local carnival FUNTOWN. They are out in force having a good time. Clay and Gemma bump into Elliott Oswald and his family. They exchange brief hello’s and then part ways to avoid being seen talking to the Outlaws. Jax gives Tristen, Elliott’s daughter some of his tickets so that she can continue to go on the rides. Gemma and Clay head for the photo booths and Jax and the others harrass one of the Clowns for running his mouth about the biker boys.

Back at the clubhouse, their IRA contact, Michael McKeavy, delivers an order of weapons to SAMCRO. Inside, they talk about the business of the Mayans torching their old warehouse. Clay tells him that it’s going to be another 3 months before they can buy another shipment due to losing their warehouse. McKeavy suggests that they store them here, but Clay points to the wall of mug shots saying that they learned that lesson the hard way. McKeavy tells them that the IRA needs the guns, or their cause will be crippled. He warns them that if they can’t front the cash for the three months they can’t buy, he may just have to find a new buyer.

Back at the carnival, Elliot and Karen Oswald cannot find their daughter, Tristen, after she went to get on a ride. Gemma sees them, and offers to help them. While they search, Tristen is lying in the woods, clearly showing signs that she had been beaten and raped.

At Teller/Morrow Clay Jax and Chibs are talking about the IRA deal and Chibs explains that they only have a day to get the money for Michael before he leaves town. Clay tells Chibs that he will get him the money and that Chibs can go as a courtasy escort to keep and eye on things.

Elliott Oswald arrives and talks to Clay and Jax. He tells them about the rape and wants them to find the guy that raped his daughter and that he will pay anything they want. Clay responds to his offer by saying that they dont want the money, they will do what ever it takes to find the guy but Elliott has to be the one to deal with him when the time comes. Elliott agrees to this and they shake on it.

Clay takes the news of the rape to the table where Tig brings up their current cash flow problem. He thinks they should take the money to get their guns. But what it really boils down to is that a 16yr old girl got raped by some out of town hustler and they need to deal to it before Hale does. Everyone agrees to join the search and find the guy who raped Tristen. They start by looking into darby’s guys.

At a restaurant, Hale meets his father, Jacob, and Leo Kessler. Jacob tells him that SAMCRO is out looking for the person that raped Tristen for some vigilante justice. The reason they’re concerned is that Elliot is selling some land that Kessler would really like to possess. They’re concerned that if Elliot gets close to SAMCRO, then he’ll sell land to Clay. Jacob tells him they all want Charming to grow and prosper, but Hale tells him he seems to be a little more concerned about the prosper angle.

Hale heads to the club house to get the statements of SAMCRO to try and halt their efforts to find tristen. He wants to know where all the members were lastnight and Jaxs tells him that he should be more worried about where his men we lastnight as he heard that some cops were arrested for prostitution and rape.

At the hospital Wendy is signing legal documents. Tara speaks to Wendy and asks how she is doing and that when she is better she will take her to see abel. Wendy asks about Jax but Tara doesnt say anything. Tara tells Wendy that she knows who was responsible for her overdose but Wendy denies that Gemma had anything to do with the drugs. And that if Tara doesnt know why then they are nothing alike. Tara leaves and gets a phone call from Kohn but she hangs up on him. She bumps into Hale who is going to see Tristen.

Hale and the Oswalds are talking about the rape and Hale is pressing them to get any information at all to help the case. Hale tells Elliot that he can’t imagine how they feel, but Hale warns him that anger makes you do things that you normally wouldn’t do, and once you do them, you can’t take them back. Elliot says the only thing he can’t take back is what happened to his daughter.

Out on a job Juice and Halfsack are picking up some stuff when they get the call that Hale wants to grill everyone who was at the carnivale and Juice needs to head back to Teller/Morrow. Jax wants Halfsack to follow Hale and keep tabs on him the only catch is, is that he has to follow him on a mini kids motorbike.

Back at Teller/Morrow, Jax is talking to Clay and Tig that Hale must be on to them investigating the Rape and that he is just using the cops to stall SAMCRO from looking for the Rapist. Tig comes up with a plan, and slips some tranquilizers into the coffee that was meant for the officers. They are quickly knocked out, and they are free to go about business.

At the Carnivale grounds Jax and Chibs meet up with Halfsack who tells them that Hale has been talking to them for about an hour. Halfsack then asks if maybe they can double up so that he can have a bike but Jax repiles “nit unless he grows tits” and Chibs responds “huge tits”. they both laugh and Jax tells Halfsack to get going as Hale is on the move.

Jax and Chibs approach the workers after Hale has left and want to know what they said to the cop. They ask if anyone had seen Tristen and explain that she got raped and that they were suspicious of them because they were outsiders and nothing like that happens in Charming. The Carnivale guys explain that they told Hale they were all closing down rides and packing up and that the security guards can back up their stories.

At the hospital Gemma bumps into Tara and she tells her that wendy is out of detox, in case she wanted to take her flowers or something. Gemma walks of pretending to ignore her and sees Darby walking by.

At the clubhouse, reports from the gang indicate that Darby hasn’t been seen at all today. Juice tells them about a guy in Darby’s crew that’s a sex offender, and they all confirm that he was at the carnival yesterday. Gemma then phones Clay, and tells him about Darby being at the hospital. Tig asks Juice to put his “vitamins” in his locker. Juice takes the bag and decides what the hell and takes some of Tigs “Vitamins”.

Jax stops by Floyd’s barbershop to see Unser. He asks what he’s heard about the case. Unser said there were no leads and no witnesses. He says that Tristen can’t remember who did it so there are no leads. As Jax leaves, Unser tells him that he needs to catch the rapist, or he’s going to be under the microscope. Jax reassures him that they’ll catch him.

At the Hospital Gemma sees Darby leaving so she calls out to him in order to stall him as Clay and the others are still on the way. She asks why he was at the hospital, and he tells her he’s seeing his mother who’s dying of lung cancer. Gemma notices Darby’s new Aryan tattoo, and notes that it probably ticks the doctors off that are taking care of his mother. Clay and the others confront him about the rape, thinking that he’s retaliating against the town. They also acknowledge they know about his little alliance with the Mayans. Darby says everyone was with him, and that he was nowhere near the carnival. When they ask him about Yates, the sex offender, Darby gets defensive saying a buddy of his, Whistler, has been missing. Clay tells him that they’ll sort out other business later, but he wants the address for Yates’ place. Darby gives him the info they need and they split when Hale arrives with Halfsack tailing him on the mini-bike.

They get the address and stop by the Clubhouse to pick up the guns that Juice was putting together. Chibs takes the bags without checking them and Juice is passed out on the floor from an overdose of Tigs pills. He is out cold. At the house they find that the guns have no clips and they move in anyway. They break in only to find that its a bible study support group and the guys is a reformed member of the church. They make peace with the group and put it down to bad info and then leave.

At the hospital Hale is talking to Tara about Tristens case saying that he needs to get her to talk to someone so that they can get any info on who raped her. Tara says that she can help by getting the mother to fill in some forms and that will give him some time to get what he needs. He goes to leave and Tara asks him about Restraining orders. Are they still valid if she moves away? He asks if he can help and she says she was just enquiring. Hale says he’ll check to see if the restraining order is valid here.

At the hospital, Gemma visits Wendy. Gemma says she hears that she’s been saying things to Tara. Wendy tells her that she didn’t say anything to Tara. Gemma says that nobody would’ve believed her anyway. Gemma said that she only gave her an option, but that she was the one that made the decision. Wendy doesn’t understand how Gemma is able to keep all her secrets buried. Gemma tells her that nothing will get in the way of taking care of her family, but that Wendy could never understand that.

Back at the club house Clay Tig and Bobby find Juice out cold on the floor. Clay says that he wants something good done to the idiot since he nearly cost them their lives.

Jax finds Gemma at the hospital reading to Abel. Jax tells her that they’ve hit a dead end. Gemma tells him that Wendy’s awake. Elliot appears and asks Jax if they’ve found the guy. Jax says no, but talking to Tristen might help. But Elliot tells her that she’s still in shock, and Karen doesn’t want anyone talking to her. Jax tells him that Tristen is the only shot left they have of finding the guy.

Gemma sneaks into Tristen’s room to question her. Tristen is scared at first, but Gemma tells her that she’s an old friend of her mother’s. Gemma tells her that she’s sorry that this had happened to her, and tells her that everything will be okay. Gemma then confronts Karen, and tells her that Tristen told her everythins. She realizes that Tristen remembers, but they don’t want to deal with the press and a messy trial. Gemma tells her that Tristen needs to be exposed to what happened, or it’s going to haunt her for the rest of her life. Karen tells her that she wants it hidden so that people won’t think of her as the girl that was raped at Fun Town. But Gemma tells her that she’s always going to feel that way, and the thing that is worse than everyone knowing is nobody knowing. Gemma tells Jax that Karen told her that it was one of the carnies that was dressed like a clown. Jax asks if Hale knows, and Gemma says he doesn’t know yet. Jax passes by Hale on the way out, and Hale follows Jax out. But when he goes to give chase, he sees that one of the tires on his jeep has been flattened.

At the show grounds SAMCRO turn up looking for the clown. They start a rumble with the carnie guys and then Chibs and Bobby go looking for the clown that raped Tristan. They leave with the clown and Hale turns up to find them beaten and bleeding but they are not talking.

Out in the woods, they bring Elliot to the scene to show him the rapist. He brings a knife to do the deed. Clay tells Elliot to do the deed like he promised, but after hesitating Elliot can’t bring himself to do it. After Elliot leaves, Clay puts on gloves, and does the deed himself. He tells them to let the guy bleed out, and then bury him in the woods. He tells Bobby to wrap up the carnie’s testicles into a package and mail it to Elliot. He gives the knife to Jax, and tells him to be careful because it has Elliot’s fingerprints on it. Jax is angry that Clay didn’t tell him that they were going to blackmail Oswald so he wouldn’t sell any of the land in town. He warns him that in the future, he wants to be informed of everything. Clay just puts it down to development issues in the town. If the developers move in then Charming will grow and they wont be able to keep the local law like they do now. He claims that it was all for the good of the club.

After the incident in the woods, Jax takes refuge on the roof top at the club house where he is seen reading more of his dead fathers journal.

Meanwhile, Tara’s mystery man turns out to be a man named Agent Kohn; an agent in the ATF. He is provided with all of the files of Tara and the members of SAMCRO.

At the hospital, Jax visits Wendy. He tells her that he doesn’t want her hurting herself. He doesn’t hold her responsible for Abel. Jax says that getting back together with her was a mistake, and he admits that he wasn’t ready to have a child. He admits that he hated her for getting pregnant, and that’s why he bailed. He blames himself for what happened to Abel. He then wheels Wendy to see Abel, and Wendy breaks down about seeing him in the incubator. Wendy asks what will happen now. Jax tells her that Abel has to stay in the incubator for awhile, and that Wendy has to go back to rehab. Jax and Wendy hug.

The next morning Hale wakes up a sleeping Juice, who is wearing nothing but a sign that reads : slightly retarded child please adopt me, and an adult diaper. He stumbles off after ripping the sign from his chest. This was payback for not loading the clips and getting wasted on the job. The mail lady pulls out a package for Oswald from the post. Just as Hale is heading into the building he is stopped by an ATF agent who is enquiring about Sons of Anarchy. Hale is more than too happy to help his new friend and Welcomes him to Charming!

Season One Episode Two Pics

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Season One Episode Two: Seeds Overview

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Full Recap:

Jax is welding something in the workshop when Bobby turns up with breakfast. At the table Bobby empties a bag of muffins that everyone hoes into. Clay turns up with the gun green from the deal with Laroy and warns that it might be a while before they see anymore so be wise with the cash. Juice walks in and informs everyone that he just got an update from his cityhall snitch, Hale has a warrant to search the warehouse.

Out at the explosion site, Hale arrives to inform Trammel that he has a warrant to investigate the warehouse explosion, despite the incident occurring outside his jurisdiction. He says that the body of the warehouse’s security guard was found by his men inside Charming, meaning this is now his investigation.

Back at Teller/Morrow the Jaxs tells Clay that he is sorry about the situation last night and that he should have had it levelled before the myans even arrived. Clay is understanding because if they didnt muck it up then they would never have known about the nord/mayan hookup. Inside Gemma still wants to do the dinner and voices her concerns about what Jaxs may have found in storage but Clay just shrugs it off and replies “doesnt matter, he’s not his old man so stop worrying”. Unser rings about a protection run and Clay takes the call outside.

Tig confesses to Clay that he was sleeping with both the Mexican women found burned alive in the warehouse, and that his DNA is inside them. With Tig in the police database, this could be a huge problem. Tig says he’ll remove the bodies. But it’s too late, Hale finds the corpses.

At the Crime scene the corpses are uncovered and Hale wants a rush on the forensic team so he can get to the bottom of things.

At the table the discussion is on Tig and the dead mexican women. They are trying to discuss what to do about the situation and what would happen if they link those women up with tig. They decide to check with Lodi and see when the forensic team is heading into town.

Clay talks with Unser about his deputy, who wants to clean up Charming. Unser tells Clay he can’t do anything to stop Hale, especially since he’s being forced into retirement. Clay and Unser have a mutual agreement, and Unser asks Clay to stop a rival gang stealing expensive technology that’s due to be shipped across the border.

Jaxs is heading to the hospital. On his way he bumps into Hale who asks him about the blast out by the stream. Jaxs claims he has no idea what happened and Hale fishes for information but gets no where. He tells Jaxs that Unser is retiring soon and that he will not look the other way when it comes to the Sons Of Anarchy.

Jax visits baby Abel, and Tara tells him he’ll make a full recovery. She also says that Wendy is being put through sedated detox, and she’ll be out for a couple of days. Tara asks about their relationship trying to figure out if Jax and Wendy are still together.
Jax visits with Wendy but she is still out of it.

Opie and Donna are having trouble with their bills, they are stuggling to keep on top of things so Opie goes to his dad Piney and asks for the money. Piney tells him he is all tapped out and that he should ask Clay if he can do the protection run its minimal danger just a ride along and make sure the cargo gets to where its going.

Back at the table the gang are talking about how to keep Tigs dna from being discovered and the everything pointing back to SamCro. The forensic team will be there in 24hrs so they are screwed if they dont come up with a plan. Clay believes that the only way to get the forensic team off their tail is for there to be a murder in Lodi to distract them. Jax isn’t so sure, and suggests a less violent alternative. Brains before Bullets Right? He believes that he can make it look like a murder without killing anyone in the process. They all agree that the path of least resistance is the best way.

They head to the crematorium where Jaxs pays Skeeter for two fresh bodies and tries to pay him money but he reveals that he is now gamble free been going to AA for 3 months now. Skeeter offers up the bodies in return for Samcro helping him score a date with a woman named Emily Duncan, a biker hanger-on dubbed a “Crow-Eater”.

Darby meets with Marcus Alvarez about a possible team-up between the Nords and the Mayans to attack Samcro. Alvarez doesn’t agree to his offer, but does offer him some Mayan security.

Back at Teller/Morrow Emily Duncan arrives to see Jaxs. He asks her to do a favour for the club. She says yes but only on one condition! “You do me, I do him”.

At the cemetery Half-Sack has just finished digging up the mexican body they need for their murder scene. They load the bodies into Darby’s Suburban and head for Lodi. Along the way they get pushed off the road by some speed freak punk and the front end gets smashed in.

Gemma and Tara talk at the hospital, with Tara implying that she believes Gemma gave Wendy the needle. Gemma tells her that she won’t win Jax back through accusations, while Tara warns Gemma that she won’t be able to run Samcro forever.

Jax gets pulled over by a cop who pulls them over after spotting the smashed front end. Jaxs tells Chibs to keep his cool and Juice decides to distract the cop by ramming the car into his patrol car. They Jump out and the cop runs after them. Jax and Chibs deal to the cop car then spin around and pick up Juice and Half-Sack.

Opie and Clay have a chat on the run and Clay checks in to make sure that everything is ok with Opie and his family. Meanwhile in Lodi Jax and the others are making a fake crime scene so that the forensic team will be busy and wont be able to make it to charming. Back on the run Opie is surprised that Clay is betraying Unser by having his truck hi-jacked.

On the way home from Lodi Jax sees the car that cut them off and nearly got them arrested. He pulls in and says he wont be a minute. He goes into the gas station where he finds the guy and beats the crap out of him. The attendant on duty grabs an axe and puts it in the back of the guys head leaving him dead. Looks like they didnt need to stage a murder after all. Chibs made sure to grab the security tape out of the machine.

Unser is angered at Clay’s betrayal, and Clay tells him that he’s only doing it to rebuild Samcro before Unser retires in six months.

Donna is at the store but the clerk tells her that they wont accept her cheques anymore the last two bounced. She is forced to pay cash but has to put things back. Gemma happens to see and pays for the rest of Donna’s Shopping. Gemma bumps into Donna with the rest of her shopping and says that its not charity that they are family. Donna doesnt want to be part of SamCro she has her own family. She didnt marry the Club she married Opie. Gemma tells her that Samcro is not the enemy its the glue that keeps everything together. Gemma invites Donna and Opie and the kids to dinner.

Hale confronts Unser about him taking detail off the warehouse and then Unser informs him that he is not stepping down for another six months giving Samcro time to get back on their feet with the rebuild.

Bobby and Tig are at the warehouse taking care of the bodies. Back at the Clubhouse Gemma is talking to Jaxs about the Journal trying to find out what he has read. Jax gets called away and Gemma goes thru his stuff hunting for the journal.

Deputy Hale turns up at Teller/Morrow and talks to Clay and Jax about Unser not stepping down, and the missing bodies that were in the hatch. Over at the Crematorium they say a little prayer for the two women before they burn the bodies.

Jax goes to see wendy, Gemma throws her family dinner with everyone but Donna and Opie decide not to go.